In the hotel game, brands are the best cheerleaders

My junior year of high school was notable for two things: 1) My homecoming date bailed on me at the last minute citing a “stomach bug.” 2) Our basketball team, for which I was a role-playing point guard, ended the season 2-18. 

What I recall from that sorry season was how the cheerleaders—regardless of how badly we were being beaten—never wavered in their support for us. Up 20 or down 20, they were always full-throated in support, enthusiastically waving their pompoms like they were signaling home a F-14 onto the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Those earnest cheerleaders’ unrestrained enthusiasm popped into my head while I attended The Lodging Conference, in September, in Phoenix. Only this time, instead of skirts and bows, it was button downs and blazers....

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