RSRV puts St. Regis Aspen Resort on marketplace

RSRV, a hotel ownership platform, launched in collaboration with Elevated Returns, tZERO, and Science Inc., has put its first hotel property available on its marketplace: The St. Regis Aspen Resort. RSRV is a way for accredited investors to purchase equity in luxury and lifestyle hotel properties and obtain exclusive benefits. The St. Regis Aspen Resort enabled similar ownership rights through Elevated Returns beginning in 2018. On RSRV, investors will have the new and unique ability to redeem their shares for room nights at a fixed rate.

“We are thrilled to welcome the St. Regis Aspen Resort to the RSRV platform and to give investors a unique opportunity to own shares in one of the most coveted hotel resort properties in the world,” RSRV acting CEO Stephane De Baets said in a statement. “The redemption utility feature to an equity position is in high demand. Besides locking in room rates at perpetuity, investors are also being recognized as an owner and can access exclusive perks and benefits.”

RSRV also enables hotel owners to raise capital by using equity, rather than taking on far more costly mezzanine debt. Additionally, by offering attractive member perks, the program can help increase occupancy, customer engagement and retention, and customer satisfaction.

“Over time, hotel owners may be able to use the RSRV platform as a form of alternative financing for real estate assets,” said Jeffrey Davis, managing director at Eastdil Secured.

In 2018, Elevated Returns disrupted the traditional real estate market by offering investors indirect ownership in the St. Regis Aspen Resort. Elevated Returns provided investors with unprecedented access to ownership of prime real estate assets, enabling greater liquidity and diversification in investment portfolios. Since the beginning of their quotation for trading on tZERO Securities ATS, shares are up >200 percent in value, broadly held by hundreds of investors. The Tezos blockchain was chosen as a technology partner due to its strong track record as a secure, scalable and energy-efficient blockchain. RSRV will use Tezos blockchain technology to provide unique informational transparency into the capital structure of the issuer.

RSRV plans to announce additional properties throughout 2024. By democratizing access to luxury hotel ownership, RSRV empowers investors to participate in exclusive markets and unlock the potential for long-term growth and value creation.

"At Science, we’re excited about companies that turn customers into fans. RSRV is taking it one step further by turning fans into owners,” said Michael Jones, co-founder and managing director of Science Inc. “Through a blend of equity shares and exceptional membership perks, fans-turned-investors gain access to exclusive benefits like VIP concert experiences, high-end concierge services and unique travel opportunities. This strategy not only empowers investors but also offers hotel operators a new, more cost-effective avenue for raising capital than costly traditional mezzanine debt options.”