Colorful Bathrooms: Origini from Gessi

Gessi has launched its Origini line of bathroom faucets with a range of colors, shapes and finishes. The options are available in a series of five triads using chromatic groupings to represent a range of themes. The faucets themselves are an integral part of this interpretation, each sculpted into silhouettes and finished with glossy or metallics hues.

Origini celebrates color and its influence on moods and ambiances. Designers can mix colors, materials and finishes. Each of the five color triads has its own idiosyncrasies and predilections. The Warm triad has bronze finishes and soft shades of pink while the Neutral triad has contemporary metallics, greige tones and brushed nickel and Finox finishes. 

Gessi offers seven different faucet styles, including a space-saving wall-mounted design. The three-hole basin mixer is available in two heights, both notable for their gracefully arched spouts. Also available in two sizes, the collection’s signature basin mixer has an industrial vibe with a pipework-inspired design and hard angles softened by rounded edges. The finish insert fits inside the knobs and allows for extra color and customization.