Colorful Surfaces: Curious Collection from Durasein

Durasein’s Curious Collection is a solid-surface material made up of two-thirds alumina trihydrate (derived from bauxite, a natural ore) and one-third high-performance, 100 percent acrylic resin and pigments. Due to this high mineral content, the material is very dense and “stone-like,” but can be fabricated with standard woodworking tools and is completely thermoformable.

The material can be shaped into countertops, walls, curving organic shapes or 3D structures. All Durasein surfaces are antibacterial, making them an ideal surface for high-use areas in public spaces. The surfacing materials are also resistant to mold and mildew, along with being food safe, nontoxic, nonporous and low VOC.

Clover is leafy neutral, Rugged is inspired by the colors of cool clay and forest trails while Bohemian is a smoky hue.

Durasein surfacing is a durable, easy-to-work material that ca be turned into seamless shapes and structures, from massive walls to countertops, wavy surfaces, ceilings and 3D structures.