Durable Floors: Lasting Rugs from Artaic

Artaic, a mosaic manufacturer that uses robotic technology to customize, design and fabricate installations, has launched the Lasting Rugs collection. The collection pays homage to both mosaic and rug design through three categories: traditional, contemporary and eclectic. The durability of the mosaic tile paired with the brand’s proprietary robotic technology gives the product added longevity. 

The collection is available in all of Artaic’s tile offerings—vitreous glass, natural stone, glazed porcelain and sintered glass—and offers several bespoke designs within each of the three categories that can all be customized by both tile type and colorway. As a tile medium, Lasting Rugs can be installed on a wide range of surfaces, including the floor, walls, ceilings, pools and exterior facades.

Due to the mosaic tile form, the Lasting Rugs are easy to clean, and a traditional rug design can keep their looks in mudrooms, gyms, saunas and spas. The intricate patterns can be washed, scrubbed and swept without losing form.

Artaic can transform any provided woven design into a mosaic using its proprietary Tylist software. In addition, the sintered glass tile type is sustainably made from recycled glass, and every Lasting Rug can be made in this form, meaning the Lasting Rugs collection offers durability, cleanability, adaptability and sustainability.