Modular Bins: Kasta from Magnuson Group and Gensler

Furniture and accessories company The Magnuson Group has launched its newest product—Kasta, a sleek and streamlined waste and recycling receptacle collection, available in four sizes and multiple finishes. 

Kasta, the Swedish word for “throw,” was designed in collaboration with Gensler as product design consultant. The freestanding modular receptacles are flexible and can be used independently or together to create the right disposal streams for each end user’s specific needs and environments.

The architectural shape, with distinct chamfered corners, allows for cohesive integration into large-, small- and medium-sized spaces. Kasta is available in four sizes and two top options for a variety of configuration possibilities. Label graphics easily identify and effectively communicate—with both text and icons—each receptacle's designated function: Mixed Recycling, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Food Waste/Compost or Landfill.  

With six body colors and nine top colors, Kasta is designed to fit seamlessly into any aesthetic. The range of finishes lets users achieve a monochromatic look or to differentiate waste streams via color.