Stylish privacy: Mills Phenolic No-Site Partitions from Bradley Corp.

Bradley Corp. has launched a new design of its Mills Phenolic No-Site Partitions, which eliminates unpleasant gaps between doors and pilasters for complete privacy. The integral No-Site design is now standard for all Phenolic models.

With gaps between toilet partitions’ doors and pilasters becoming increasingly unpopular, Bradley re-engineered its phenolic partition line with a rabbeted edge on both the hinge and latch sides of the door. This grooved edge closes off sightlines and provides flush finish construction for a European-inspired look.

Available in 12 new colors and four mounting styles, Phenolic No-Site partitions provide design options to fit any application. High heat and high-pressure molding of solid phenolic core material delivers impact resistance, superior strength, maintainability and sustainability. Phenolic stands up well to high usage, wet and humid environments, and is resistant to water, oil, bacteria and graffiti. The material is ideal for medium- to high-traffic areas such as schools, offices, shower rooms and outdoor facilities.

Select colors are available with seamless, extra-large panels up to 72 inches tall and 75 inches deep for creating more space.
Partition installation has also been improved with pre-drilled indicator latch holes that eliminate guesswork. And pre-installed threaded inserts on doors and pilasters speed up hinge installation.

“Bradley’s research shows that almost half of Americans are uncomfortable or bothered by the small gap between doors and pilasters in restroom partitions,” said Mary Scherer, product manager, Bradley Corp. “Our new Phenolic No-Site redesign eliminates unsightly gaps and gives owners and architects the options to create comfortable and discreet spaces for restroom users. We’re excited to deliver full privacy partition solutions for our customers as standard.”