Upgraded Bedding: Duo Mock Duvet from Manchester Mills

Manchester Mills, a Guest Worldwide company and subsidiary of Sysco Corp., has launched the Duo Mock Duvet Cover Top of Bed System.

The Duo Mock Duvet Cover is constructed for a better fit at the bottom of the bed, pairing with the company's Advantiva blanket to form the Top of Bed System. The system lets staff make guest beds quicker and easier, reducing the time it takes to make each bed by 60 percent. This equates to approximately two hours of labor time per day, allowing housekeeping teams to maximize their efficiency when turning over guest rooms.

“Our textile engineers designed this bedding solution with sustainability in mind, allowing hoteliers to improve ergonomic and operational efficiencies, while reducing the overall carbon footprint of their properties,” Elizabeth McNulty, senior vice president and general manager at Manchester Mills, said in a statement.

This product uses 44 percent less fabric than a traditional duvet, allowing more product to be laundered at once and nearly 45 percent more product to fit within a 20-foot shipping container, leading to a reduction in shipping emissions.