Woven Light: New Skynest pendants from Flos

Pendant lamp company Flos has launched two new configurations of its Skynest lamp. Skynest Motion and Skynest Ceiling are the two newest additions to Flos’ Skynest family, developed in collaboration with Marcel Wanders.

The pendants are made with LED strips that pass through recycled (and recyclable) woven polyester fabric tubes mimicking a basket-like pattern. When turned on, the light source shines through the weaves, illuminating downward.

Skynest Motion has a levitating appearance, suspended in the air by a thin stem. This stem, which holds the lamp in an elegant mid-air balance, is attached to the ceiling and stretched towards the floor by a counterweight, blending into interior settings. 

Skynest Ceiling is the cordless, ceiling-mounted version of Skynest, ideal for rooms with low ceilings. When sitting flush against a ceiling, Skynest creates an intimate and cozy environment.