Isenberg Projects directs art-influenced new suites in Studio Allston Hotel

Studio Allston, a boutique hotel located on the banks of the Charles River in Boston, debuted five new suites as part of the hotel’s ongoing renovation and restoration. The suites are designed as immersive works of art, with different concepts featured in each of the five rooms.

These suites are the latest addition to Studio Allston, which spotlights artwork throughout the property, including in the lobby, bar, meeting rooms and in every one of the guestooms. In total, more than 20 artists were commissioned to work on this hotel project.

The hotel’s suites were designed by five local contemporary artists and art directed by Boston-based Isenberg Projects. Each artist played a leading role in every step of the design process, from developing the room’s concept and the guest experience.

David Buckley Borden designed the Naturalism Suite, which features his “Land New England” piece and celebrates Boston landscapes, ranging from the Boston Harbor Islands to the Emerald Necklace. Adding to the earthy effect are spirited interior prints, wallpaper supergraphics, and two dozen speculative-design sculptures ranging from "landy joy sticks" to "climate-change marshalling wands".

Sophie Ainslie designed the Top of Mind Suite, where hand drawn and painted designs grace the walls. Top of Mind also features Ainsle’s ability to work between drawing and painting, and figuration and abstraction.

Cyrille Conan designed the Reel Countdown Suite, which has black and white striping pattern mural.

Providence-based Jim Drain designed the Drink in the Cosmos Suite, which was inspired by a utopian vision of space age modernism. The suite also has elements inspired by the galaxy in 60s mod style.

Meanwhile, Maria Molteni designed the Unplug & Play Suite, which features her “Wavelength” piece. Designed like a Shaker quilt that comes to life with vibrant colors and patterns, Molteni arranged squares and quarter circles with subtle color variations to form motifs celebrating Baseball, Drunkards Path, Snowball, Bows & Arrows, Around the World, Love Ring, and Fools Puzzle. There is also a foosball table and plenty of board games.

Arnaldo Almonte is the general manager of Studio Allston Hotel.

Studio Allston Hotel was art directed by Isenberg Projects, a creative advisory firm based in Boston. The Davis Companies joined with Spot On Ventures to reimagine the 1960s vintage building, located at 1234 Soldiers Field Road, into the art-themed Studio Allston Hotel. The hotel is managed by Highgate. The hotel is also home to the recently opened Casa Caña, a Latin kitchen, patio, and rum bar, featuring New Latin cuisine, owned and operated by the Lyons Group.

Photo credit: Studio Allston Hotel