How Pasadena inspired the new look of its Westin hotel

Studio 11 Design, a design firm based in Dallas, completed a renovation and refresh of Westin Pasadena’s guestrooms and corridors. The firm drew inspiration from the city where the property is located.

Following the redesign of guestrooms and corridors, curved lines flow now through the renovated corridors and the eight guestroom types. The light and dark gray tones of the carpet reflect the San Gabriel Mountains. The grays of the mountain range are also seen in the tiling of each private bathroom. There are blue artworks hanging over the beds.

The color palette continues in the furnishings, though there are also pops of pink that pay homage to the Rose Bowl. There are also yellow pillows and seating.

Studio 11 Design commissioned custom window shades for guestrooms, with the outline of Pasadena City Hall.

Additionally, the corridors at the Westin Pasadena showcase arch-like patterns highlighted in the carpeting to echo the city hall’s dome through abstracted and organic shapes.