W San Francisco completes Gold Fever guestroom renovation

W San Francisco has completed the renovation of its Gold Fever guestrooms. 

Designed by Skylab Architecture, W San Francisco’s transformed Gold Fever guestrooms pay homage to the 1849 Gold Rush that saw the population explode and the city rise virtually overnight, while celebrating the technological revolution that fuels the San Francisco today. 

Elements of gold throughout the design combine with angular, beveled patterns and textures. Solid surfaces in the rooms have been built for strength and durability for optimal work efficiency, while the soft surfaces of the beds and lounge seating are stitched and shaped for comfort.  

The carpet is a representation of the San Francisco city grid with gold threads tracing the routes of the city's crisscrossing cable car lines—arguably the city’s first tech innovation. The walls display a gradient interpretation of the area’s fog patterns with subtle touches of gold dust in the wallpaper. The fog is also represented in the gold-flaked white and gray bathroom tiles, which also depict San Francisco’s topography.

W San Francisco collaborated with Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, Kristalia and Hansgrohe for the urban designs that grace the pillow covers, bed throws, custom graphics, and geometric chairs and stools that reflect the city’s landmarks, culture and popular music from the ’70s.  

W San Francisco is located near the city’s celebrated museums, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Contemporary Jewish Museum and MoAD; Michelin-starred restaurants; nightclubs; and craft cocktail bars.  

Amenities include the FIT gym and the P.A.W. (Pets Are Welcome) program.

Roger Huldi is the general manager of W San Francisco.  

Photo credit: W San Francisco