Knowland expands in the Middle East

Meeting and event intelligence company Knowland has expanded in the Middle East to include Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Knowland’s extension into the region will continue throughout 2023 to accommodate the demand and competition facing new hoteliers.

The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing hospitality markets in the world. This has created several challenges, including steep competition as well as the necessity to train sales teams who may have never worked in the hospitality industry. 

Approximately 600,000 hotel rooms are under development in the Middle East, according to data from consultancy Knight Frank, Knowland said. The region’s growth is also supported by being the first to return to pre-pandemic levels as well as its recent success with mega events including a record number of congresses won by Dubai. Industry reports estimate that, by 2030, the United Arab Emirates’ hospitality market alone is set to expand by 25 percent, while Saudi Arabia is projected to reach a total room inventory of more than 218,000 and Qatar is poised to see 89 percent growth in hotel keys by 2025, according to Knowland. 

With nearly 27,000 hotel keys expected to be delivered in the next three years, there will be significant changes in Qatar’s hotel offering by the end of 2025. Plans show the country’s room capacity almost doubling as it prepares for an anticipated visitor influx following heightened interest after the 2022 World Cup. 

“Knowland’s further expansion in the Middle East, specifically in Doha, is a testament to our dedication to ensuring hotel teams have the tools they need to win share in a rapidly developing region," Knowland CEO Jeff Bzdawka said in a statement. "The world’s largest active pipeline of new hotels is in the Middle East, so as we continue to build on the exciting growth in Qatar, we are also focused on expanding our reach throughout the increasingly popular region for local and global meetings and events.”

Knowland plans to open additional Middle East markets this year.