Connect, Control, and Improve Your Guest Experience Through the Power of ScentAir


What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a room? In a hotel lobby, it might be the warm glow of ambient lighting or a calming shade of blue in the upholstery. When it comes to creating the ultimate experience for guests, the best approach is to address all five senses. Scent, with its fundamental link to memory and emotion, is arguably the most important. So how do you create and maintain a signature scent for your hotel? One that evokes positive emotions and memories in your guests. One that takes guest experience to the next level. There’s one simple solution: ScentAir. 

Almost 25 years ago, ScentAir started creating world-class scent marketing solutions for brands around the world. Today, the company is the largest and most experienced scent marketing firm, boasting more than 425 global team members that service customers in 119 countries. As the global leader in scent marketing, it is the goal of ScentAir to ensure it offers the best of the best of olfactory marketing. To meet that goal, constant innovation is key. 

“For us, it’s not enough for our clients to be satisfied with the work our technology does for their brands,” ScentAir CEO Dan Connors said. “We want to be on the cutting edge, imagining and producing new services our clients need to get the most from their scent marketing solutions.” 

Ever the pioneer, ScentAir’s newest technology, ScentConnect, offers hotel management groups the opportunity to take full control of their scent marketing through an easy to access device-to-cloud network. 
The ScentConnect platform is the only of its kind with patented Target Area Control Design that allows for easy synchronization and control of multiple devices across a location’s scent targeted areas, as well as across multiple buildings at separate locations. 

For hotels that use ScentAir to cover expansive and diverse areas, ScentConnect’s ability to customize scent strength from individual devices based on area and time of day is changing the game in scent marketing. With ScentConnect, hotel employees and management have the ability to alter the scent in a busy late-night hotel bar to be entirely different from the one diffused in their luxury spa. They have the ability to gradually increase the scent volume in their lobby as the day progresses and the area becomes more highly trafficked. Best of all, they can program those specific settings remotely weeks in advance, then take advantage of ScentConnect’s 24/7 monitoring and change their selections with modifications made in real time. 

“Our clients know as well as we do that experience is the name of the game when it comes to impressing hotel guests,” Connors said. “Having a customized scent for each area of a hotel, from individual guest rooms to public spaces like conference rooms and ballrooms, is one of those seemingly subtle touches that can make a huge impact, sometimes without guests even realizing it.” 

And because of ScentConnect’s multi-location control capability, a scent experience used in one hotel can be reproduced for a hotel group’s sites across the country—and even across the globe. In an increasingly discerning society, where creating and staying on-brand is essential to success, a signature scent that transcends physical location and boosts brand recognition can make all the difference.
On the operational side, ScentConnect represents the ultimate in efficiency, reliability, and quality control. It eliminates the need for manual individual device management, leaving little room for human error. Instead, ScentConnect works with existing ScentStream Connect HVAC integrated delivery systems to create one central access and control point which hotel management can conveniently access from anywhere in the world—at any time—via an internet-connected mobile or desktop device. Each ScentStream Connect is programmable and contains long-lasting five-liter fragrance oil containers that offer the best in coverage, even for challenging spaces. 

In thinking about network security, ScentConnect’s proprietary closed network eliminates the need to connect to local area networks, and ScentAir’s round-the-clock system monitoring, complete with proactive alert notifications, lessens demand on a hotel’s IT and facility engineering staff. The self-contained device-to-cloud communications system uses encrypted data transmission security to ensure complete confidentiality and privacy for clients. ScentAir continues to innovate and improve in the world of scent marketing, and now hotels can do the same by synchronizing their scent solutions. Since its inception, the revolutionary ScentConnect system has transformed what it means to manage, design, report, and analyze scent marketing. 

“It’s easier, smarter, and more controllable than ever before,” Connors said. “But it’s also improving guest satisfaction which is most important to our hotel clients and most important to us.”
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