How Creativiva empowers hotel brands through experience architecture


When you think about the world’s most valuable brands, there is always one thing that differentiates each of them from the rest of the pack. Apple, with its sleek style and picture-perfect packaging. Amazon’s fast shipping. Louis Vuitton’s celebrity-favoured LV monograms.

For hotel and resort brands, however, it can be a bit trickier. Increased competition in the industry has made it imperative for hoteliers and revenue managers to think outside the box and find more unique ways to create a memorable guest experience in order to stand out. It’s simply not enough to refurbish a room in a hotel or offer an upgraded spa package and call it a day. According to Creativiva, one-of-a-kind guest experience development specific to the hotel or resort is the best way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and drive their brand value.

With over 15 years of experience working with brands worldwide, Creativiva has helped hotels and resort chains achieve success by enhancing guest experiences through unique experience design and architecture.

“The priority [for hotels and resorts] to focus on for guests is to bring live experiences that connect the brand of the hotel with the customer,” says Lukas Cabalka, artistic director and founder of Creativiva. “In its simplest form, the solution is to develop unique experiences that are connected with the essential part of vacationing which evoke relaxation, joy, excitement.”

Using their expertise in guest entertainment, Creativiva works with hotel and resort chains to determine the types of services they need to offer in order to enhance their visitors’ overall experiences. These enhancements help hotels and resorts directly differentiate and empower their brands. This can be done by setting up new and unexpected entertainment experiences or unique interior design solutions that would best fit their hotel or resort. A traditional bar, for example, can be transformed into a “Bar Extravaganza,” where live entertainment — cocktail-making, live shows, tapas made in front of the guests — becomes part of the overall guest experience.

“Experience architecture is an essential form of interaction with the guests focussed on giving them live experiences,” mentions Cabalka. “These consist of the interaction area combined with the areas of the audience which could be the seats, the bar, the table. It’s also aspects such as scenic design and how to combine audible and visual aspects into spaces.”

As pioneers of experience architecture in the hotel industry, Creativiva believes in the value of guest entertainment services and understands exactly what is needed for the client in order to enhance guest experience. A truly memorable experience for the guest will, in turn, strengthen the hotel’s marketing position and help elevate and empower the hotel brand. 

For example, if a resort’s aim is to stand out as the best in family-centred resorts, they will need more than just a splash zone or new TVs in the room. Using their expertise in guest experience development, Creativiva’s team will recommend the most profitable and targeted solution services, delivering all or any of the elements of creation for their hotels and resort partners: from concept and creation to production and operations. In this instance, services that would appeal to both kids and adults may include high-quality kids shows at night, pop-up extravaganzas throughout the hotel during the day for on-going entertainment, or kid-specific design additions.

Creativiva’s forward-thinking philosophy and industry insight in experience architecture has allowed them to discover new revenue streams for hotels and resorts — things hoteliers and resort managers never knew were possible to achieve. 

“A deeper understanding of experience design and development can set a hotel ahead of others because of its uniqueness, and overall, it will be reflected by demand in rooms and overall sales,” Cabalka adds. He continues to say that customized guest experiences and unique services offered at the hotel and resort will help attract new customers and organically differentiate itself as a brand on the market. This can result in anything from an increase in room sales to additional direct revenue streams from ticket sales or other non-direct revenue streams due to brand differentiation on the market.

Having worked with hotels around the globe, from Asia and Europe to the Middle East and the Caribbean, Creativiva has proven time and time again that high quality, creative and innovative experience and entertainment design can serve as a tool for driving brand value and increasing profit. Not only are they determined to help their clients meet market needs and benefit from their investments, but also elevate their hotel’s brand status as global leaders in the hospitality industry.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.