How Modern-Day Refuse Containers Elevate Hotel Style & Function


Competition for customer loyalty is fierce, and every aspect of the guest experience is subject to intense scrutiny like never before. Accommodations’ style and layout, staff attention to detail, food and beverage excellence, cleanliness across the property. Understandably, these all rank high on management’s priority list, but what about other crucial aspects of operating a hotel that aren’t typically consumer-facing…

Consider waste collection. Waste receptacles are a hotel necessity, but they are often an after-thought, and their potential for enhancing a room’s design isn’t top-of-mind. Which is your preferred vision – a refuse container that is an eyesore and draws more attention to itself than necessary, or an attractive one that effortlessly blends into the design aesthetic and complements the space?

“With today’s more discriminating clientele, savvy-minded hoteliers are implementing a strategic waste collection solution that spans the range of all hotel spaces with the best, most suitable commercial products that actually elevate room design,” said Megan Murphy, Senior Manager, Brand Activation, Rubbermaid® Commercial Products. Here are the top five reasons why now is the time for hoteliers to make the “container connection” for bolstered visual and financial appeal throughout their property.


#1 – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The proper receptacle for the hotel lobby or lounge is different than the best one for the back of house or in accommodations. One size doesn’t fit all across a property’s multiple indoor and outdoor areas, and where products are placed within those areas matters tremendously.

The right waste container for a space seamlessly becomes a piece of versatile, attractive and functional furniture that genuinely fits the room – a strong, well-crafted commercial product that is not a distraction from a positive guest experience, but an enhancement to it.

Customization is key, and companies are developing new offerings for the interior and exterior of a hotel. Rubbermaid® Commercial Products (RCP) has launched its new Enhance line of decorative refuse containers providing an unmatched depth and breadth of choice, with eight different sizes, three shapes and various lid styles. The wrong refuse bin diminishes overall functionality and clashes with the design aesthetic a hotel has created to inspire guest satisfaction. Here is where not giving the guest something to talk about – because the waste collection solution is flexible and personalized to the hotel – is a bonus.


#2 – Curate Hotel Spaces “Dressed To Impress”

Waste containers don’t have to just “perform” – they can be visually pleasing to embrace both practicality and elegance. 

It’s time to “dress up” hotel spaces with attractive, expertly-built refuse cans that match a facility’s décor and complement a property’s individual environments. A full spectrum of colors to enrich an upscale style scheme. Sleek smooth surfaces with contoured edges. Smudge-resistant products that retain their high-quality look. High-design receptacles that afford subtle breaks in pattern to please the eye.

Bringing balance to a room, RCP’s Enhance line features more than 230 colors, materials and finish options, plus, panels are easily changeable to refresh the look of the can over time and extend the life of the product. There’s potential like never before where hoteliers can conceptualize a room, lobby, restaurant or outdoor layout with waste containers that are “dressed to impress” and function flawlessly.


#3 – Durability Benefits The Bottom Line

When having the best receptacles on-property isn’t a top priority, hoteliers tend to wait until the last minute to replace containers, once products are well past their prime.

Central to a strategic-minded, financially-sound waste collection solution is purchasing durable, commercial-grade products that have been developed in compliance with the highest industry standards and effectively guard against corrosion.

Making a smart investment now in products built to last – such as heavy-gauge stainless steel or powder-coated steel cans – positively impacts a hotel’s bottom line without sacrificing quality. Containers constructed from the finest materials should successfully withstand the rigors of everyday use and last for nearly a decade. Money saved can be applied to other aspects of generating unrivaled guest satisfaction – a win-win situation for hotel management and customers.


#4 – Boost Staff Productivity

Hoteliers are constantly tasked with finding ways to improve and streamline staff operations. All aspects of a property must run like a well-oiled machine, and staff members are the engine that move operations forward.

A thoughtfully-conceived waste collection solution that is shaped around superior-built products incorporating smart innovations means team members can bolster their productivity while reducing the risk of staff injury. Look for containers with user-friendly features, such as hinged lids, knot-free liner cinches, and plastic liners with venting channels, which all allow for easy and quick waste removal.  

Hotel employees appreciate when products are purchased to better their work flow. And, management can confidently acquire those waste collection products that have been engineered to sustain daily use and are fitted with clever features, so employees can do more in less time, safely. 


#5 – Improve Environmental Ease

Thinking green is smart hospitality business – and consumers increasingly expect sustainability efforts on-property.

Implementing a good recycling program can be challenging due to the 24/7 nature of a hotel, but waste containers with dual-waste streams and clear identifying labels make the sorting process easier for guests and staff. The right products can inspire good recycling measures – think multiple container sizes depending on the area, specialized lid openings for separating bottles, cans, etc., and refuse containers properly positioned in indoor and outdoor spaces for added waste-disposal convenience.

The importance of the recycling component applies to the container itself, too. Receptacles that are recyclable at the end of their life reduce landfill waste.


New products in the market make it easier than ever before for hotels to create a premium waste system that celebrates style, form and function without sacrificing quality. When refuse containers are considered as an after-thought, hoteliers miss out on a trifecta of opportunities – to customize the specific needs of a property’s indoor and outdoor spaces, add elegance that complements a room’s overall décor, and make smart decisions to bolster the bottom line, staff productivity and environmental efforts. Making the “container connection” now leads to improved operations and satisfaction in the future.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.