Maximize Efficiency with Carts and Trucks

“The humble laundry cart” actually can be a powerful tool to help hoteliers increase efficiency and improve operations. The secret to maximizing the untapped potential of your carts? Analyze your current operations and processes to identify where carts and trucks can provide solutions.

“In many cases, hoteliers don’t realize that a certain solution is available to them, and that missing solution may be creating more work for their teams,” said Nick Schrader, marketing manager for Royal Basket Trucks Inc., a leading producer of carts, trucks and containers used in the hospitality, healthcare, senior living, property management, commercial laundry and other markets across the United States.

In the hospitality market, Royal carts commonly are used by the housekeeping and laundry room staffs for collecting, sorting and transporting towels and linens. Schrader advised that an evaluation of the processes used in this vital work should include all the parties involved: not only housekeeping and laundry, but also maintenance and facilities management.

“When evaluating the processes used in housekeeping, look for the ‘touch points’ within the operation,” Schrader said. “How can these be minimized to increase efficiency?”

For example, Schrader explained that if the first housekeeping staff member to enter a guestroom finds a hand towel with a lipstick stain, then the most efficient thing to do is immediately “sort” that towel separately rather than mixing it in with the other towels.

“If you don’t sort it right away, someone in the laundry room will have to sort it later. Now you’re sorting laundry that has already been touched once,” he said. “The goal is to implement a process where housekeeping staff can sort as they’re cleaning guestrooms, and no items have to be touched twice. We refer to this as sorting at the source.



Royal offers a multitude of options and solutions, including customizable cart accessories such as dividers or split compartments. Royal carts can be partitioned and customized for one-touch sorting of trash/recycle, terry/linen, or items that need special attention. In fact, Royal’s experience in a wide variety of industries (including on the sidelines at the Super Bowl), means carts can be provided in virtually any configuration a hotel operator desires.

Schrader recommended that hoteliers take a broad overview and not just limit their quest for improved efficiency to housekeeping and laundry, but throughout their operations.

“Take a look at your restaurants and lobby bars, pools and spas, and fitness centers,” Schrader advised. “How are you restocking those areas? Where is it coming from? Is there a centralized distribution location, or do you have closets everywhere? Look at the entire process and determine if you can consolidate materials into one location. You’ll find staff are much happier and more efficient if they’re not having to run back and forth all over the property.”



Royal carts have been manufactured in the United States for more than 40 years. The Darien, Wisconsin-based company prides itself on manufacturing high-quality products on a short lead time.

“Durability is a huge focus for us, and it’s something that our customers expect when they purchase our products,” Schrader said. “We have an internal quality assurance team, and we also have 40-plus years of using an American supply chain, so we’re always looking for high-quality vendors that can supply us with the best materials to make our products.”



According to Cindy Lapidakis, Royal’s vice president of sales and marketing, Royal is very proud of the many hoteliers and property management groups that choose to partner with the company. She added that those partners benefit from Royal’s diverse experience.

“We take what we learn in all of the industries we serve and we apply that in the hospitality industry,” Lapidakis said. “When we work with other industries, we talk about kanban and lean manufacturing; that’s why it’s so easy and natural for us to look at hoteliers’ flow in their operations and talk about maximizing process efficiencies.”

Lapidakis invited hoteliers—and anyone who uses carts and trucks—to experience the Royal difference.

“On behalf of the entire Royal team, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has used and continues to use our products in their operations. We are humbled,” she said. “And for those who are looking for a partner, reach out to us. Let’s work together and find solutions you can implement throughout your property to drive efficiency and process improvements.”

For more information about Royal Basket Trucks, visit www.royal-basket.com, call 800-426-6447, or email [email protected].

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