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Planning & executing a $140 million Florida hotel transformation

The hotel industry continues to evolve year after year – something that Amaury Piedra, an individual that has been working in the sector since he was 15 years old, knows all too well.

Sitting down with Esther Hertzfeld, Senior Editor for Hotel Management, Piedra offers his reflection on Caribe Royale Orlando’s $140 million property transformation, the resort recently reimagining 1,200-plus bedroom suites, 120 villas, and 240,000 square feet of events space, at the same time overhauling many of its value-add amenities and facilities.

Piedra, the hotel’s Managing Director, explains how the vision was created, delving into the planning and execution phases, and how the organization managed such an extensive renovation during the pandemic period. Here, he highlights the importance of the ideation phase in ensuring the site would stand out as a differentiated independent luxury hotel in an increasingly competitive local hospitality market.

Piedra goes on to speak about the need to cater to a variety of different audiences, from holidaymakers to meeting attendees, while still providing a premium experience to all guests. This, he says, requires keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s current, with several amenities such as a newly installed pickleball court helping Caribe Royale to cut above the competition.

Looking internally, the MD shines a spotlight on the need for leading industry talent, pointing to the role that culture plays in attracting and retaining key employees. “Take care of your associates, and they'll take care of your customers,” Piedra affirms.

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