Key Benefits of Sleek & Modern Rolling Display Towers


Products that successfully marry form and function with modern design trends and attractive pricing are capturing the attention of today’s discriminating hotelier. One of the newest to enter the market are rolling display towers – think sleek back bars, stylish accent tables, and fashionable retail displays that enhance any hotel space. Ideal for hotels of any size, from boutique to convention property, rolling display towers epitomize leading-edge design, optimal performance and first-rate quality, making them a smart investment with a dash of elegance.

Here are five reasons why new rolling display towers are making an impact by changing the look of modern functionality without sacrificing the bottom line.

Versatility Proves Product Value

Versatility is a major selling point, especially when multi-purpose products add immense value and satisfy operational needs.

Rolling display towers are extremely versatile across countless hotel spaces. Consider them for back bars at weddings, corporate events and cocktail functions; buffet companions at luncheons and business meetings; literature stands for hotel brochures and other material; retail displays; and to showcase art, flower-filled vases and more in hotel hallways or public areas.

However rolling displays towers are used, they provide an excellent operational solution for today’s hoteliers. Rolling display towers are extremely adaptable, easy to configure, create a clean and open look, and encourage a streamlined room set-up. They also pair nicely with linen-less nesting tables to make a statement as a space’s design focal point.

Exceptional Variety = First-Rate Customization

Variety is the spice of life – and in a hotel that extensive choice generates unrivaled customization.

To enrich a property’s design scheme, rolling display towers come in an assortment of styles and finishes, from rustic wood and veneer to the contemporary feel of metal and glass. They are sleek, open and airy, and they don’t need to be stored away because of their attractive aesthetic. 

Emerging as a design trendsetter, Forbes Industries recently launched a line of rolling display towers that take sophisticated, customized décor to new heights. The timeless Classic line is simple and clean with solid brass, stainless steel or powder epoxy finishes, while the more contemporary Archer line features a curved frame and the dramatic illusion of floating glass shelves. Exuding urban appeal, the Manhattan line has a slat-wall design (with no open back) and more than 30 laminate finishes. Vintage wood distinguishes the Rustica towers, the Quad is well-suited for a minimalist vision, and the triangular-shaped Euclid towers easily fit into corners. Seemingly endless choice means there is practically something for every hotel.

Mobility Yields Ease & Efficiency

The idea of “being effective while being mobile” is crucial in hospitality, and this doesn’t just apply to a hotel’s management team and staff.

For added ease and convenience, rolling display towers are outfitted with swivel casters to ensure smooth mobility and brakes that quickly lock into place. Their mobile nature makes last-minute room layout decisions easier to execute. Not only are they eye-catching, but these towers move effortlessly, affording faster set-up, easier clean-up and space-saving storage – a boost to labor efficiency.

As vertical towers, these products have a smaller footprint and take advantage of often unused real estate for displays of food and beverage, brochures and decorative elements. And, when the towers need to be stowed away, they offer a huge bonus for smaller properties with less storage space and for larger properties with more equipment/materials to store.  

Engineered To Last

Hoteliers demand a good return on investment for their purchases, and products built-to-last are likely to keep them as loyal customers.

Rolling display towers that exhibit quality craftsmanship make smart financial sense for hoteliers, allowing them to remain confident that their investment will perform and have a long life. Look for rolling display towers that are constructed with superior-engineered frames, robust vertical uprights, horizontal shelf supports, welded support frames, and reinforced brackets for strength and durability.

Flexible Pricing Fits Diverse Budgets

Sophisticated furniture design, functionality and versatility doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Rolling display towers are available at multiple price points, from budget-friendly to top-of-the-line, so hoteliers can purchase the products they want at a cost that best fits their financial plan. Different pricing schemes put the display towers in the reach of most hoteliers, regardless of property size or budget. For example, Forbes Industries offers all of their rolling display tower designs at three price levels – Essentials, Executive and Elite – each with their own unique features. When choice is attainable at diverse price points, hoteliers can re-imagine the possibilities of purchasing innovative, customized products to elevate a space’s design.

Rolling display towers are a smart solution for hoteliers. They deliver on high design and are extremely versatile, expertly engineered for a long life, and priced for accessibility, making them an investment that hits the mark on both purpose and modern style.

This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.