Attracting the right talent truly matters when it comes to business success, especially in the hospitality space.

Beyond the latest hotel fad, newest brand to launch or technology advancement, hospitality is first and foremost a people-centric business. Hotels depend on service-oriented employees to deliver an unrivaled guest experience, so they must have the best team in place to flawlessly execute job responsibilities. 

Finding the right talent, though, is not an easy task, whether for short-term or long-term needs. Enter the services of a staffing agency specializing in the hospitality industry. Here are the top five advantages of partnering with a company that connects qualified workers with appropriate hospitality jobs.


Specialization Counts

Knowledge is power, and specialization brings invaluable insight to any role.

Working with a staffing agency focused on the hospitality sector means hotel clients don’t have to re-educate the agency on specific job responsibilities (for both temporary and permanent employment) or the impact of operational excellence and service delivery on raising (or diminishing) hotel prosperity.

Hospitality-specific staffing agencies present a distinct advantage – staffing experts come from the industries they now serve. There is a pooling of industry knowledge that translates into more targeted decision-making when it comes to finding optimum talent to fill many key roles at a hotel. For example, PeopleReady has more than 25 years of hospitality staffing experience; at the helm are team leaders possessing executive leadership backgrounds with some of the largest and most respected hospitality companies in North America.


Strategic Partnerships for Smart Staffing

Partnerships are most lucrative, and sustainable, when they really work. Aligning with a hospitality-specific agency means hotels are smartly delegating hiring duties to an expert that can make a significant difference on the bottom line. And, it starts first with understanding how that company provides temporary to permanent employee solutions to fit a hotel’s specific needs.

Staffing agencies learn about a hotel’s employee needs and develop a customized workforce solution. They help hotels identify and fill talent gaps and react quickly to staffing needs. Through a rigorous qualification process, they source the best-fit employees, those who have the appropriate job skills and meet employment eligibility requirements. And, whether the role is for short-term or long-term work, the staffing process and employees are held to the same high standards.


Proven Value for Money

Value for money is crucial when determining whether or not to grow a partnership.

Staffing agencies do not pose a financial burden on hotels – they provide tremendous value-for-money by absorbing the costs of recruiting, hiring and training employees for temporary or permanent jobs. Hotels typically don’t have to pay benefits to short-term workers, so staffing agencies become a cost-effective employment solution without sacrificing service quality since employees are experienced, trained and certified as necessary.

Hoteliers know that turnover is disruptive, expensive and negatively impacts consistent service delivery. A hospitality-specific staffing agency allows hotels to save money on reduced turnover – and the savings realized can be applied to other aspects of elevating the customer experience.


Flex-Up or Down With Ease

Flexibility is essential for streamlined business operations – and this is another area where staffing agencies are advantageous.

Depending on a property’s particular needs – such as more employees required during holidays, seasonal periods or select large-scale events – hotels can tap the services of a staffing agency and flex-up or flex-down their short-term employee requirements without having to place employees on their payroll. From qualified prep cooks and banquet servers to front desk staff, parking attendants, housekeepers and more, hospitality-specific staffing agencies deliver extremely suitable candidates to fulfill the employment needs of a hotel. Another valued bonus – hotels get the opportunity to observe the skill set of temporary workers on-site, almost like a test-run, with the possibility of offering permanent employment, if warranted.


Technology Platforms Drive Job Placement

There’s an app for seemingly everything, even job staffing.

Technology innovations continue to revolutionize hospitality operations, and new platforms that permit real-time job posting and viewing round-the-clock considerably enhance service delivery. This is job-sourcing redefined for modern-day hoteliers and employees. Customers can place orders for short-term and long-term employees at any time of day or night. A platform’s ease of use and matching capabilities results in more proficient job-posting and job-searching experiences for both hoteliers and candidates.

PeopleReady has introduced its user-friendly JobStack app for hotel customers and potential employees. Hoteliers can conveniently post a job order from anywhere, 24 hours a day, and workers who have been identified as the best matches through PeopleReady’s proprietary technology receive the requests in real time.


Talent – both short-term and permanent – is the machine that effectively moves a hotel forward toward achieving higher levels of customer loyalty and sustained profitability. Staffing agencies that specialize in the hospitality sector are an effective and efficient complement to a hotel’s human resources operation by connecting skilled employees with the right job match – ultimately affording tremendous value-for-money and job-placement satisfaction.


This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.