Accor collaborates with AWS

Accor has launched a first-of-its-kind generative artificial intelligence solution using Amazon Web Services. Incorporating an intuitive conversational interface, Accor’s new Travel Assistant will allow guests to find the best experiences according to the style of travel they prefer.

Expanding its relationship with AWS, Accor worked closely with experts from AWS Innovation Program, AWS Prototyping and AWS Professional Services on a customer innovation program to reinvent the guest travel experience, beginning with the Travel Assistant product, which will be incorporated into Accor’s booking platform Using Amazon Bedrock, a service that makes multiple foundation models available via an API, and Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service to build, train and deploy machine learning models, this powerful AI platform will replicate an expert travel agent service from initial inspiration through ongoing service following a guest’s stay. The Travel Assistant engages guests in a tailored discussion, meticulously crafting and refining a proposal of experiences designed to enhance their journey. Beyond rooms, it unveils activities, special offers and experiences, such as wellness, food and beverage choices, that guests might overlook in a traditional search.

The Travel Assistant uses the ML and generative AI capabilities of AWS to learn from and pick up on guest preferences, allowing Accor to cater to the needs of multimodal guests, who combine business and leisure experiences into the same trip. Travel Assistant’s generative AI can recommend much more than just hotel locations and facilities by using millions of online sources with information and trusted reviews to compile the most relevant local attractions across shopping, food and entertainment. This enables Accor to offer guidance and inspiration to guests in the early stages of booking and guide them to its direct booking channels.

The technology will streamline the booking process down to a matter of minutes, while increasing conversion rate and revenues and reducing call volumes at Accor’s contact center. At the same time, it will further Accor’s commitment to enriching its ALL member experience and maintaining top-tier guest satisfaction scores. The Travel Assistant also reflects the commitment of Accor and AWS to the highest data privacy standards. Fully GDPR-compliant, it enables guests to enjoy personalized travel experiences from the start of their booking journeys, trusting that their personal data remains secure.

“Using Amazon Bedrock to develop our AI-based travel assistant demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers a wide universe of search possibilities but also simplified travel solutions,” Accor Chief Data Officer Jean-François Guilmard said in a statement.