Actabl launches two-way integration between Alice, Transcendent

Actabl has launched its two-way integration between Alice and Transcendent. This integration optimizes hotel operations, allowing real-time cross-departmental collaboration between front of house, housekeeping and engineering to manage guest requests, improve guest satisfaction and achieve prime operational visibility and accountability.

The integration helps teams using Alice and engineers relying on Transcendent to collaborate and communicate within their familiar systems, eliminating the need to learn new technology. By optimizing workflow processes between teams, the integration can significantly decrease guest request resolution times, increases productivity and empowers teams, leading to reduced overhead expenses. Progress is tracked in real time, offering Alice teams greater visibility to optimize operating costs and Transcendent teams more insights into capital planning processes.

Actabl is actively building a comprehensive platform for hotel intelligence and operations management technology. With a focus on customer engagement and learning, Actabl has attended over 60 conferences in 2023, providing individualized training to enhance customer knowledge and maximize software utilization. Additionally, the company has increased team capacity and introduced new measurement tools to expedite implementation timelines.