Aileron Management maximizes performance forecasting

All Aileron Management properties, including the The Hampton Inn Milwaukee/Brookfield, were integrated with ProfitSage in approximately three months. Photo credit: Aileron Management

Aileron Management has implemented ProfitSword’s ProfitSage operational and financial reporting solution across its locations within the U.S. A hospitality management company that focuses on overseeing high-quality and select-service hotels, Aileron Management is now able to ensure that all its staff are able to instantly access real-time performance data in order to maximize informed business decision-making abilities that lead to enhanced revenues and cost-efficiency, the company said.

While having been approached by several competing companies offering business-intelligence platforms, Aileron Management opted to implement ProfitSage due to the platform's ability to seamlessly integrate with an array of disparate performance data-generating systems. With a swift implementation process that resulted in all properties being integrated with ProfitSage in approximately three months, employees from across the organization have the advantage of being able to make quick, yet informed, business decisions on a daily basis using data that reflects the current business environment. Because the ProfitSage application integrates with propety-management systems, accounting, sales and other operating platforms, the end-user gains the ability to budget and forecast effectively. 

Activities such as ensuring that amenities are sufficiently stocked to meet upcoming demand and managing expense and labor controls with fluctuating revenues becomes an easy and efficient task. ProfitSage's forecast abilities also allow Aileron Management leadership to price guestroom rates appropriately, preventing the risk of losing potential guests to competing hotels while ensuring that any potential for additional revenue is not overlooked.
“ProfitSage is so integral to our business that I cannot imagine trying to successfully manage hotels without the real-time visibility and forecasting opportunities that the platform provides," Aileron Management CEO Jason Boehm said in a statement. “As a cloud-based solution with the ability for users to make notes that can be seen by others in real-time, ProfitSage ensures that each of our employees are always looking at the exact same information in order to minimize the time needed to make informed decisions and identify opportunities that lead to enhanced company growth. Our decision to partner with ProfitSword also vitally revolved around the fact that each member of their team has years of experience in working as hospitality professionals, allowing them to understand our unique needs in custom-tailoring a solution capable of delivering precisely what is required to achieve success within our organization.”
Aileron Management's business-intelligence efficiency is additionally enhanced via the ability to schedule and receive customized and automated reports, instantly providing up-to-date performance information with little to no effort on the part of staff. ProfitSage further ensures that any performance data supplied is always relevant to specific applications by providing each staff member with varying levels of data access depending on their role and responsibilities.