Hotel asset managers are some of the most important personnel within the hotel industry. Here's how much they make.

Hotels in the Middle East & Africa reported a 7.8-percent plunge in February, ending the region's positive start for the year.

European hotels maintained their strong performance results for the year with an 8.3-percent year-on-year increase in profit per room in February.

Managing property finances and accounting comes with its own set of challenges—but there are solutions that won’t break the bank.

Pierre-Louis Giacotto brings more than 30 years of experience to his position, including a 23-year tenure with the Sofitel Luxury Hotels.

When hotel CEOs talk, people listen, but it doesn’t mean everything they say is beyond reproach. Here was the talk at the President’s Panel, during the Hunter…

By implementing cost-cutting measures and smart policies for growing revenue, hotels can drive solid profit.

Expedia and have little chance of going the way of Blockbuster, but an outside challenge is inevitable.

To drive more direct bookings and dollars to the bottom line, hotel marketers need to pay serious attention to audience targeting via paid search.