Alila Hotels and Resorts streamlines operations with new installations

Alila Hotels and Resorts plans to deploy Infor solutions at its other properties beyond those in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo credit: Alila Hotels and Resorts (Alila Hotels and Resorts )

Alila Hotels and Resorts has deployed Infor hospitality-management and revenue-management products for its hotel operations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to increase business agility and further enhance efficiencies. Alila Hotels and Resorts currently uses Infor RMS for revenue optimization and yield management.
Alila Hotels and Resorts launched in Indonesia 15 years ago. Today it is the luxury brand under Two Roads Hospitality and manages hotels and resorts in India, Asia Pacific and Oman. In streamlining and automating its processes and enabling seamless data flow across the brand's various properties, Alila Hotels and Resorts looks to transform its business with plans to deploy these solutions at its other properties. 
“As we continue to grow as a business, it is paramount that our systems keep pace and integrate seamlessly together,” said Ajay Gamre, head of IT, Alila Hotels and Resorts, in a statement. “For this, we wanted to roll out a true cloud-ready application that has a proven cloud delivery record in Asia Pacific, and can scale and offer flexibility in integration. We are confident that Infor HMS will help us provide an excellent guest experience and improve our overall operations by shifting to the cloud and seamlessly integrating with the systems we already have in place.”
The Infor hospitality-management product is designed specifically to meet the needs of hotel companies. The solution combines enterprise power and streamlined workflow in a multiproperty environment, providing the proven technology to support long-term growth.