The hotel is of the first properties in Saudi Arabia to provide its guests with the ability to use their personal device as a digital guestroom key.

Hotel guests can use their smartphone to check in or out at their leisure, access hotel amenities and enjoy enhanced security via mobile keyless entry.

With apps that automate both back-of-house and front-of-house processes, Knowcross aims to make life easier for hotel teams.

Apana’s IoT technology will provide real-time, actionable insight about leaks and irregular use to hotel engineering staff.

Hotels powered by Oracle Hospitality Opera now have access to Hapi’s data streaming, integration and enrichment platform.

The in-room tablets serve as an all-in-one digital directory and ordering solution for all of the Québec City, Québec, hotel's amenities.

Caesars Entertainment is working to enhance guest experiences with more intelligent and personalized hospitality.

Touchscreen-enabled WiStat-SS smart thermostats are connected to the hotel's property-management system via the WiSuite intelligent network.