Angie Hospitality introduces PassPoint hotspot 2.0 technology

Angie has the ability to self-configure for each property and room as soon as the device is plugged in. Photo credit: Angie Hospitality

Angie Hospitality added PassPoint hotspot 2.0 technology to its virtual assistant solution. The next-generation Wi-Fi platform mirrors today’s cellular connectivity experience, streamlining the authentication process and allowing guests to securely connect to hotel Wi-Fi. With Angie's ability to provide guests with a private, in-room network in addition to voice control and touch-screen capabilities, the new hotspot 2.0 integration ensures that each guest can securely connect multiple personal devices, including Wi-Fi-only tablets and laptops.

Hotspot 2.0 functionality requires minimal effort to connect and delivers the highest WPA2 security encryption. This is achieved using a one-time provisioning file that is transmitted to each guest device, automatically configuring the Wi-Fi settings and all necessary encryption protocols without the need for human intervention. Once registered and provided with a Passpoint hotspot 2.0 credential, guests then are able to automatically and securely connect to WLAN Hotspot 2.0 coverage areas anytime they are within range, including in guestrooms, lobbies, common areas and meeting rooms where Hotspot is enabled.

“The addition of Hotspot 2.0 technology to our solution contributes to that goal by streamlining and simplifying Wi-Fi connectivity, which is a common pain point in the industry,” Angie Hospitality CEO Ted Helvey said in a statement. “This next-generation Hotspot works to streamline hotel operations as well, with secure staff access and [Internet of Things] device support. Hoteliers can also monetize the solution by allowing third-party service providers to roam onto the network, enhancing the potential for increased revenue.”
Angie is an in-room solution that responds to guest requests using intuitive voice or touch-screen interaction. The flexible, modular platform allows Angie to serve as a complete standalone system or, through seamless integration with hotel technology system providers, the solution offers a variety of configurations to replace the guestroom telephone and include room automation features, energy management and more. Angie also allows guests to play their own music through built-in Bluetooth speakers, make hands-free calls, access hotel amenities and information and charge devices.


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