Bartech launches new corporate website

Bartech has launched a fully redesigned website aimed at educating visitors on the potential of the latest in automated minibar technology to enhance hotel revenues, guest satisfaction and guestroom design, while reducing expenses. The new website also offers user-friendly navigation, a visually appealing design and detail-rich infographics that demonstrate how automated technology works and how it streamlines hotel operations.

"With so many hoteliers looking for ways to enhance their revenue-earning abilities, we felt that it was important for us to develop a site that serves as a comprehensive resource for those wanting to understand precisely what automated minibar technology is, how much it costs to implement and how it benefits both properties and guests," Bartech’s Pierre Agrario said in a statement. "Our new website provides details on solutions that satisfy guest preferences for self-service and instant satisfaction, while reducing the strain on labor resources and making inventory management much more efficient and affordable."

The Bartech website also allows hoteliers to narrow their search for the best minibar solution, based on their preferences and specific property needs. Those clicking on the ‘automatic' tab can view and learn more about the latest automatic and semi-automatic minibar options currently available, including the popular DD46, eDrawer and non-refrigerated eTray. Also featured is a ‘traditional manual minibars' tab, as well as a section dedicated to BarTouch, a first-of-its-kind web-based application that allows hotels to efficiently track purchases and inventory levels for manual minibars.

Bartech's website also features a "design-a-bar" section where visitors can create and customize their minibar design to match a property's unique style and requirements. This allows hotels to differentiate themselves from competitors in a memorable way, while blending the minibar seamlessly into the guestroom aesthetic. Available options include color, material and product type, with Bartech representatives readily available to assist in creating a solution that meets all needs, while maximizing revenue-earning potential.