Beekeeper introduces custom integrations

Beekeeper added the capability for information technology teams to integrate open application program interface operations tools directly into its Beekeeper communications hub. Keeping employees connected to the organization at large, as well as to each other, Beekeeper aims to digitize the 83 percent of employees worldwide who do not sit behind a desk.

Beekeeper’s integrations enable companies to design and implement highly customized digital workplace platforms for their non-desk employees. Organizations can use Beekeeper APIs to merge their existing operational systems like payroll, scheduling, file sharing, task management, and beyond, into the centralized Beekeeper hub that their employees use to communicate throughout the work day. This creates a simplified, secure, and easy-to-use tool where anything a particular worker needs to excel in their daily routine is stored in one convenient location.

“When we talk about how artificial intelligence will impact the future of work, we often think in terms of automation swapping out humans for algorithms,” Beekeeper co-founder and CTO Flavio Pfaffhauser said in a statement. “But for industries such as hospitality, construction and restaurant services, successful workforce digitization means breaking down the friction and barriers between people and operations, allowing transparency and clear communication to build strong workplace culture.”

Beekeeper’s off-the-shelf integrations are completely user-ready from the get-go, easily accessible within the Beekeeper Marketplace. For organizations with deeper technological resources, the Beekeeper developer portal is a gateway to even deeper channels of customization. Expanded APIs and resources available on the Beekeeper developer portal open up endless possibilities for IT teams to streamline operations for good.