Beekeeper's Next Normal Package aims to help businesses adjust

On top of Beekeeper’s core communication and productivity features, the Next Normal Package includes features designed to make businesses more agile and adaptable. Photo credit: Beekeeper

Mobile communication platform Beekeeper is releasing a new option to help companies recover and adapt to the “next normal” of the post-COVID-19 era. 

The Next Normal Package is a product suite launched in response to emerging data that suggests that empowered front-line workers are more effective and better equipped to deal with changing circumstances.

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A Harvard Business Review survey of business executives found that 72 percent say productivity increases when front-line workers are empowered to make decisions. “When front-line workers are given information and decision making power, managerial bottlenecks are removed,” said Cris Grossmann, CEO and co-founder of Beekeeper. “This frees up time and resources at every level, and allows team members to make nuanced situational decisions that restrictive top-down policy just can’t account for. By modernizing communication and providing a single source of truth for front-line employees, organizations will be better equipped for today’s fast-evolving business environment.”

More than half—55 percent—of HBR survey respondents said they expect front-line workers will be using unified communication and collaboration devices within two years. “We understand that it is a difficult time for many businesses who need to modernize, but may lack extra funds to do so,” said Grossmann. “To that end, we are giving all interested organizations limited free access to the Next Normal Package to help them weather the crisis and find their footing as they grapple with what normal looks like after coronavirus.”

On top of Beekeeper’s core communication and productivity features, the package includes features designed to make businesses more agile and adaptable:

  • A chatbot that provides instant answers to COVID-related questions from Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization
  • Mobile shift schedules and shift communication
  • Newsfeed-style streams for communicating about cleaning and maintenance, administrative updates, continuous process and quality improvements, and more
  • Mobile forms and checklists with templates designed for maximum agility, health and safety 
  • Mobile surveys and personalized campaigns 
  • A mobile document library for storing up-to-date guidelines and protocols
  • A four-stage guide for navigating the “next normal”

In order to ensure rapid onboarding, Beekeeper has set up an emergency rollout team to support new customers who need to reach their front-line workforce faster than ever before. The rollout team has helped many businesses implement the platform in less than 48 hours, averaging more than 80 percent of the workforce being active on the platform within three days.