Benbria reports compliance with GDPR

GDPR calls for prompt action in the event of a breach of security or unintended leak of personal data of any European Union citizen. Photo credit: Benbria (Benbria reports compliance with GDPR)

Benbria reports that it is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation, which will become enforceable on May 25. The GDPR requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states.

As a cloud software-as-a-service provider, Benbria said this an opportunity to improve data security for all customers on the Loop platform, including customers using Loop Messenger, Loop Pulse and Loop OnDemand.

A key element of GDPR compliance is consumer transparency. Benbria will continue to be transparent in how it manages and uses consumer personal data to provide service. Benbria commits to cooperating with customers to help facilitate their respective data protection rights regarding personal data. In addition, European consumers may now request to be forgotten and will have a right to obtain from Benbria an erasure of personal data without undue delay, if they wish to withdraw consent.

Lastly, GDPR calls for prompt action in the event of a breach of security or unintended leak of personal data. While Benbria maintains top-level security policies and processes customer data in facilities with world-class security infrastructure, the company is prepared for every scenario. Benbria, in cooperation with their partners and policies, commits to being forthright and transparent about any compromise to customer data. In the event that Benbria becomes aware of any unauthorized access or disclosure of personal data, Benbria will promptly take action to provide awareness and reestablish trust amongst our customers, to the extent such notification is permitted by applicable law.

“Our focus on information and data security have always been a major benefit of using Loop, as we already built our platform to comply with well-established regulations in several global markets. This includes our home country of Canada,  where many countries and regulators have turned to as a reference point for best practices,” Benbria VP of Marketing James Geneau said in a statement. “These further enhancements to comply with GDPR means we are even better positioned to offer a solution that can meet the needs of our existing and growing list of clients based in Europe, and around the globe.”  

Businesses using the Loop platform can respond to messages through a wide selection of channels including SMS, email, proprietary web chat, in-app chat, physical kiosks and messaging channels like Facebook and Twitter; while having the ability to seamlessly route them to key internal team members. In addition, businesses can measure customer satisfaction in real-time using short and timely feedback surveys which capture customer sentiment and satisfaction at any point of the customer journey.