New media-casting option for guestroom TVs introduced


The new iMediaCast from Bittel offers an innovative, affordable way to upgrade hotel in-room entertainment offerings. The new solution enables guests to effortlessly mirror and stream content from their mobile devices to the in-room TV.

iMediaCast is intuitive and comes with four wired-connection options, which support most mobile devices, along with a wireless connectivity module that supports Miracast and Airplay. It connects easily to the existing TV’s HDMI port and does not require network or TV upgrades. Guests can access content using their own LTE or 3/4G network or be given access the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Initial modules support wired connections and add-on modules for wireless content and charging are available.
“Our new iMediaCast solution enables guests to effortlessly mirror content from their mobile devices to the in-room TV,” said Bittel CEO Joe Zhang. “Today there are 4.9 billion connected devices in the world, and that number is expected to reach 25 billion by 2020 (according to Gartner Research). That means, travelers are bringing those connected devices to hotels, but if they can’t enjoy their content in the same way or as easily as they do at home, it can be a real problem; satisfaction and loyalty can drop while negative online reviews can rise. Bittel developed iMediaCast to simplify the guest experience without the high cost or headaches for hoteliers.”