The United States Patent Office recognizes Hotel Internet Services for the data-security protocol developed for the BeyondTV entertainment streaming solution.

The in-room tablet solution, now available in 30 markets, gives guests interactive, touchscreen access to hotel amenities.

The in-room tablets serve as an all-in-one digital directory and ordering solution for all of the Québec City, Québec, hotel's amenities.

Volara’s software provides conversation management and secure integrations for 98 percent of the hotels using Alexa technology in the United States. 

Nordic Choice Hotels, which has 190 properties in its portfolio, is the Nordic and Baltic region master franchisee of Choice Hotels International.

The Orlando, Fla., property, Universal theme park’s newest hotel, marks the U.S. debut of DigiValet’s technology offerings.

The 550-suite property in Tampa Bay, Fla., implemented Hotel Internet Services’ BeyondTV entertainment streaming solution.

The group's Voice Interaction Framework Workgroup published a white paper that offers best practices for the implementation of voice technologies in…