Boutique NYC hotel adds contactless services from Angie

Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel in New York City has implemented a Stayclean initiative with the help of in-room assistants developed by Angie Hospitality by Nomadix. The initiative aims to create a physically distanced, contactless experience. 

The technology will let guests order more towels, water dishes for canine companions and other necessities, all without physical contact or calling the front desk. 

“Prior to COVID, our guests chose us for our unique and memorable hotel experiences, and we want them to continue making those connections with added confidence while traveling,” said David Thomson, chief information officer of Staypineapple. “With the help of Angie, we are able to provide our high-level of service and fulfill requests while offering a safe and true Staypineapple experience when staying at our property.”

“We are proud to support Staypineapple’s Stayclean initiative and help guests feel comfortable and safe, while supporting the onsite staff with our digital concierge in each guestroom,” said Chris Connar, SVP at Angie Hospitality. “Guests have already shared that the hotel has gone ‘above and beyond’ with sanitizing and safety protocols, and the special care given to all guests through this initiative is a huge testament to the goals of this hotel. Angie’s in-room assistants offer smart hotel functionality to complement staff and provide a high-touch guest stay without the actual touch.”