Carneros Resort and Spa implements Alice suite

Carneros Resort’s management was first drawn to Alice for the product’s itinerary creation tool, the resort said.

Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa, Calif., has selected Alice’s concierge software, Alice Concierge, and its guest text-messaging technology, Alice Guest, to improve front-of-house operations. This implementation of Alice leverages the company’s integrations with both HotSOS and Springer-Miller.

Carneros Resort’s management was first drawn to Alice for the product’s itinerary creation tool, which produced itineraries “far more visually appealing than what we currently were producing on site,” said Jonathan Vail, assistant director of IT, but the resort was compelled to purchase the technology after discovering how it would allow it to consolidate the multitude of different systems used to run the resort. Prior to Alice, Carneros Resort’s management was frustrated by an inability to integrate all of their different technologies. “This created an environment where we had all of the information available, but had no ability to leverage the information quickly when we really needed it. That is when we began exploring our possibilities with Alice,” explained Vail.

With front-desk staff often communicating with one another over email and paper notes, the engineering team using HotSOS, and the concierge team using GoConcierge, guest- and other property-critical information remained siloed by department. “This led to excessive amounts of internal emails and phone calls from users trying to pull information they already had access to. A simple guest issue could easily be overcomplicated or missed, due to miscommunication,” said Vail.

Carneros Resort’s management selected Alice with the goal to unify all these systems—seeing Alice as an easy-to-use tool that would “provide a window into every spectrum of the guest experience,” Vail said. “Alice will give us ability to easily view all of our relevant guest information and turn that data into action.”