Cino launches cybersecurity program for hotel guests

Cino, a full-service risk management, cybersecurity and training company, launched a new product designed to protect hotel guests’ personal data from cyber criminals. The product, Cyber Safe Travel, is powered by StrikeForce Technology’s military-grade technology. It provides protection for hotel guests’ mobile devices using keystroke encryption, advanced login breach protection and sophisticated screen scraper technologies. In addition, Cyber Safe Travel has a click-jacking attack warning feature to help mitigate cyber threats.

The product was first introduced at the October meeting of the Hotel Financial and Technology Professionals, New York Chapter, of which Cino is a member.

“The hospitality industry has been under siege by cyber thieves trying to attack their operating and [point-of-sale] systems, as well as their guests’ mobile phone, tablets and laptops,” Cino President/CEO Joseph Saracino said in a statement. “Over the past several years, there have been several high-profile hotel data breaches affecting millions of guest records. This alone should make hotel owners and operators do whatever they can to protect their guests from hackers while using Wi-Fi. Our solution was designed with the goal of addressing this vital need for hotels and their guests.”

Cino’s Cyber Safe Travel is being offered to hotels which, in turn, can present the solution to their guests on the Cino name or a private label. For $3 a day, guests can have this cyber protection for up to three mobile devices for up to three days. They also have the option of purchasing the protection on annual basis for $24.99. For each of their guests who sign up for the Cyber Safe Travel protection, hotels are compensated by Cino.

“This is a real win-win for hotels, which derive a new revenue stream while demonstrating their proactive measure on behalf of their guests,” Saracino continued. “And, the low cost makes it affordable for all travelers. When you consider that, every time a guest enters a password, credit card number or sends an email, what they are typing is at risk of being stolen from a cyber criminal, an investment of just $3 day or even less on the annual plan would seem to be an easy decision.”

The first hotel that will be piloting the Cyber Safe Travel program will be Martinique New York in New York City. 

“Providing our guests with an unparalleled travel experience is our top priority at the Martinique,” said Joseph Delgado, director of finance at the Martinique. “Offering a way to help protect them against one of today’s most pervasive threats—cyber thefts—is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to our guests’ best-in-class experience.”