TJ Person started his company to foster a direct connection with hotels based on universal-platform mobile-key technology.

The San Francisco hotel's 159 rooms now are equipped with VingCard Essence door locks, which feature mobile access compatibility.

Approximately 89 percent of travel sites leave their users’ accounts exposed to hackers due to unsafe password practices, according to new research.

Training should begin at the top of each organization with a demonstrated commitment to creating awareness and a compliant culture.

The newly built, 40-room KViHotel is among the first hotels in Europe to offer a complete mobile experience through the use of its mobile app.

Guests and staff of The Ivey’s Hotel will have access to a custom mobile app, in-room tablets and KEYPR’s Guest Experience Management system.

Compatible with RFID keycards, the lock was engineered with back-of-house operations in mind and is designed for offices and other standard hotel staff areas.

The resort and casino in Ocean Shores, Wash., has deployed the first phase of KEYPR’s hospitality platform, with keyless entry to be implemented by May.