The 1,000-room hotel in Las Vegas now features dormakaba’s radio frequency ID electronic locks.

The new lock simplifies the transition from magstripe to mobile-enabled radio frequency ID options.

The company introduced the advanced platform for hotel staff alerts, asset-management tracking and location-based marketing.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s new No Room for Trafficking campaign aims to train every hotel employee in human trafficking prevention.

Hoteliers looking to offer coworking space have a lot to consider, from how much to charge to ensuring users physical safety and digital security.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law mandating that hotels with more than 100 guestrooms provide housekeepers with panic devices.

Depending on a hotel’s situation, it may be best for it to hire personnel in-house, contract with an outside company or work with the police.

The system allows hotels to turn off lighting and adjusting climate-control systems when guests are not in the room for long periods of time.