The hotel industry has pledged to roll out safety devices for its employees, but some solutions will match every hotel.

Natural disasters can trash a city or region, and it often falls to the hotels left standing to comfort, house and sustain a shaken populace and the visitors…

Travel managers now can book stays for their travelers without needing to present a personal credit card at check-in.

The information never touches the call center infrastructure and agents never see or hear the details. 

Following the implementation of the European Union’s GDPR, many states are enacting their own data protections—here's what you need to know.

The leak of personal data and booking information could be the largest breach in China in the past five years.

Mobile key technology can improve the guest experience and enrich hotel operations, but only if it is done right.

Guests at the Phoenix hotel will be able to bypass the front desk during check-in and access their room with mobile keyless entry.