Concord Hospitality partners with Sertifi

Hotel management company Concord Hospitality has partnered with Sertifi and will extend the use of Sertifi to property sales staff.

In late 2019, Concord rolled out Sertifi’s credit card authorization solution to their managed properties, offering guests a convenient and secure way to provide credit card information. After a seamless rollout, as well as early success with e-signatures for properties using Amadeus Delphi.fdc, the company has decided to extend their use of Sertifi to property sales staff, offering a seamless way to capture contract e-signatures from any device and location.

Today, Sertifi is installed in more than 150 of Concord’s properties. Concord has also rolled out Sertifi’s integration to Envision for all of their Hyatt-managed properties.

“We’re very excited to roll out Sertifi to our property sales teams,” Brian Cornell, chief information officer at Concord Hospitality, said in a statement. “We believe in working in full partnership with our owners to create the best experience. Digitizing the signing process, along with Sertifi’s integrations to Delphi.fdc and Envision, will help staff work more efficiently and securely, while making it much easier for guests to sign.”