DojoMojo debuts mobile marketing platform

DojoMojo, a partnership marketing company, introduced SMS Marketing, an end-to-end mobile marketing solution that combines the acquisition power of DojoMojo's partnership network with a proprietary mobile messaging platform. SMS Marketing enables brands to acquire and grow new audiences, generate engagement and drive conversations with customers that maximize conversions.

"With people spending increased time at home and purchasing more through e-commerce than ever, a precise digital marketing strategy is critical to managing revenue for your business during this difficult period," said Colin Darretta, co-founder/partner, DojoMojo. "Our clients have reported that sending SMS communications along with email and other channels are more likely to convert to sales."

DojoMojo's SMS Marketing marries advanced messaging capabilities with new customer acquisition from its partnership network of over 10,000 brands. DojoMojo's initial clients that tested out SMS Marketing have already realized results between 4 and 12 times average return on advertising spend.

"During these challenging times, we are committed to helping our customers find revenue and break through the clutter created by the flood of digital advertisements. As such, we are offering DojoMojo's SMS Marketing solution available to new clients without any financial commitment until they achieve a minimum 2 times return on advertising spend," said Alex Song, CEO/co-founder of DojoMojo. "Given the struggles we're all facing together, we strongly believe our solution must guarantee a win-win relationship."