Duetto adds 3 new functions to its revenue strategy platform

The restriction rules allows hotels to create, manage and deploy restrictions across properties, room types and segments. Photo credit: Duetto (Restriction Rules)

Revenue technology company Duetto has released three new functions to its revenue strategy platform. The new enhancements have been created in direct response to customer feedback received during the current pandemic.

AutoPilot Schedule

This new functionality in Duetto GameChanger allows revenue managers to choose which segments are on AutoPilot and when. Users can now automate chosen segments based on:

  • Date range
  • Days before arrival
  • Days of the week
  • Committed occupancy
  • Demand occupancy
  • or any combination of the five

 The new AutoPilot Schedule functionality offers granular control over automation and helps strained revenue teams focus attention where it is most needed. 

Restriction Rules

This feature is a fast way to create, manage and deploy restrictions across properties, room types and segments. With this functionality, a restriction rule takes only a few minutes to set up or change and can be deployed at scale manually or fully automated for maximum efficiency via AutoPilot.

Notification Center

The new notification center enables customers to define which metrics are most important to track, set the benchmark or trigger for the alert and determine who should be notified. Duetto customers can now customize the reference period, for example, to look at the last seven days and receive notifications as soon as current booking levels fall behind the benchmark period.