Exploria Resorts turn to dorma+kaba for guest security at eight properties

Grand Seas Resort

Exploria Resorts, operating eight properties, upgraded its electronic door locks to Saflok from the the dorma+kaba Group.
“I have been in the hospitality industry for six years and used dorma+kaba locks at other properties,” said Kenneth Lund, director of information technology for Exploria Resorts. “I trust dorma+kaba because their locks are secure, improve operational efficiency and are easy for guests to use. When I started with Exploria Resorts two years ago one of my first goals was to replace aging locks from another vendor with Saflok.”
Support is one reason Lund said Exploria Resorts decided on Saflok electronic door locks.

“Support is important to us to ensure consistent operations and a smooth guest experience,” Lund said. “dorma+kaba’s customer support was excellent at properties I previously supported. We have not had to test the company’s support here because we have had no problems with the new locks.”
Exploria Resorts’ conversion to Saflok RFID door locks is a seamless process. Exploria is also rolling out Saflok locks in its public spaces including pool areas and fitness centers. Installation took about a week at Exploria’s smaller properties, and two to three weeks at the larger resorts.

Lund noted that the Saflok RFID locks Exploria Resorts is implementing has smartphone integration options, allowing guests to bypass the check-in process and use their smartphone to unlock the room.