Focus Hospitality Management partners with ProfitSword

The Tuxon hotel in Tucson, Ariz., is part of the Focus Hospitality Management portfolio. Photo credit: Focus Hospitality Management

Focus Hospitality Management has selected business intelligence and data integration software developer ProfitSword to support the management company’s strategic planning, operational management and revenue growth abilities. The partnership includes the implementation of ProfitSage, a real-time business performance forecasting platform. 

The new platform will help Focus Hospitality analyze the real-time business performance of each location and let both corporate leadership and onsite staff identify upcoming sudden shifts in performance to reduce overall market uncertainty while preserving business stability.
The platform integrates with a range of disparate performance data-generating systems from across the company's portfolio. This allows the solution to automatically and instantly retrieve valuable real-time analytics, which are then housed within a single database that can be accessed at any time via a web-based user interface. ProfitSage also lets corporate leadership or onsite personnel combine or segment data by department, property, grouping of properties or for the portfolio as a whole. With this feature, each employee can instantly review revenue performance for a specific area and can evaluate expenses such as labor that need to be taken into account. Real-time access to such information also provides properties with the instant ability to calculate future performance projections. 
ProfitSage further provides Focus Hospitality with advanced reporting abilities that can be customized to provide employees with the specific analytics that are relevant to their responsibilities. Such reports can be scheduled to automatically generate and be shared on a preset basis, ensuring that all personnel always have the precise insight they need to swiftly implement strategies that stand the greatest possibility of success.       
“Automated integrations that will ensure timely and accurate data flow and instant access to up-to-date performance data is critical to running a successful hotel business, but this has become especially true due to current market conditions where being able to implement effective response strategies across an entire organization can make all the difference in ensuring survival and a full recovery,” said Paul Bennie, director of business development at ProfitSword.