Fuel adds in-app functionality

Fuel launched a new feature set that has been integrated into its artificial-intelligence-powered cross-channel marketing and customer-engagement solution. Powered by Blueshift, the patented platform works by aggregating guest data from every hotel system touchpoint and making it actionable in order to create more personalized guest engagement and maximize deliverability of all guest communications.

The new in-app features integrated into the latest release of the platform include a set of mobile messaging and marketing tools. Mobile messaging allows hotels to easily create and optimize personalized in-app messaging, allowing them to deepen guest engagement and drive action with contextual timely communications. Mobile marketing features are designed to create rich, connected mobile experiences for the guest by personalizing every touchpoint. 

This is accomplished through a new in-app campaign builder that is based on a robust template library, making it easy to understand and implement automated messaging campaigns. The campaign builder features drag-and-drop functionality and an open-source liquid editor to dynamically pull data and customize recommendations.

In addition to a comprehensive suite of standard features, such as confirmation notifications, pre-arrival emails, post-stay surveys and cart abandonment messaging, the solution also offers a wide range of highly sophisticated tools such as intelligent profiling and segmentation. The system combines everything from message engagement, website behavior and property-management-system profile information for a single customer view of each guest. Using machine learning algorithms and data science, the solution then provides automatic segmentation recommendations.

Another benefit of the platform is intelligent targeting, which leverages predictive analytics on guest research and booking behavior patterns to automatically determine each guest's potential value, sentiment and propensity to book, allowing for hyper-targeted drip campaigns.

Additional predictive features include predictive engage time optimization and predictive channel of choice. Predictive engage time optimization is based on a sending model that analyzes all cross-channel engagement and downstream behaviors so each guest receives messages at the precise time they are most likely to engage. With predictive channel of choice, the platform delivers campaigns on the channel that each guest prefers to engage on, such as email, push and/or SMS. It also has real-time integrations with the Facebook Ad Network and the Google Ads platform to automatically syndicate audiences for targeted advertising campaigns.

"The new mobile and in-app capabilities that Blueshift has added to our guest-engagement platform greatly expand the hotelier's ability to create customized and highly personalized campaigns on the fly," Fuel COO Stuart Butler said in a statement. "As hotel guests become increasingly mobile-dependent and loyal to their channel of choice, this level of personalization is key in reaching them how and where they are most receptive."