Scotland's Gleneagles installs VTech phones

Gleneagles, the luxury hotel in Scotland, has selected VTech’s Contemporary cordless and corded phones for its 232 luxury bedrooms, suites and lodges. Gleneagles commissioned telecom supplier and hotels specialist Orbiss of Truro to supply a choice of stylish and functional handsets that blended in with its mixture of modern and traditional guestroom interiors.

The challenge set by Gleneagles apart from style and reliability was the requirement to integrate with its existing telecoms infrastructure and a desire to enhance the guest experience with instant contact to key facilities, including golf, concierge, sports arena and the award-winning spa.

VTech’s range of analogue and SIP, corded and cordless handsets in both classic and contemporary styles, with a choice of subtle colors, line cords, speed-dial options and extended guarantees were identified by Orbiss as meeting Gleneagles requirements. The next step was to choose a suitable mixture of the phones to enable functionality in each room.

Gleneagles chose both the A2211 petite phone and the CTM-A2411 DECT cordless phone in matte black from the VTech Contemporary range. In total a mixture of more than 700 VTech phones were installed by Orbiss.

The petite phone and the DECT cordless base were supplied with 10 speed-dial buttons and all phones have faceplates branded in the Gleneagles style with icons to identify the various one-touch memory button options. The DECT cordless has two handset speed-dials and lays flat on the base station offering a sleek, unobtrusive design that doesn’t overwhelm its luxurious surroundings.