There are a number of the guestroom TV viewing options available nowadays, but which are guests most interested in? The answer: All of them.

The FCC voted 3-2 to reclassify broadband internet as an information service and not an aspect of telecommunications. Here's how the change affects hotels.

Hotel fees and surcharges alone are predicted to rake in a record $2.7 billion in 2017.

Seven technology professionals dug into the technology of today while gazing at what’s on the horizon.

In addition to voice calls and unlimited data, the phones offer hotel information, destination-specific content and a hotel speed-dial feature.

AT&T is providing wireless access points, equipment, installation services and 24/7 guest support for Wi-Fi at Choice properties.

The integration allows guests of hotels equipped with both Angie and the Evolution voice system to make and receive calls using voice command.

With mobile integration technology, hotels can leverage the Phonesuite hotel PBX to add unified communication features.