Technology provider Triax has partnered with VoIP hotel phone manufacturer Cetis to enable VoIP hotel phone installations over coax cable infrastructure.

More than 700 cordless and corded phones were installed in the hotel's 232 luxury bedrooms, suites and lodges.

Options include modules for an alarm clock, a speakerphone, a Bluetooth speaker, casting and voice recognition.

This partnership combines a virtual assistant and a PBX system, enabling hotels to streamline their in-room devices and make voice-activated calls directly…

New technology that looks like traditional mirrors is bringing the next level of Internet of Things into hotel guestrooms. 

Know it or not, your digital footprint is wide and far, and companies are taking advantage of that data to predict your next move.

Michael Blake, CEO of Hospitality Technology Next Generation, shares what 2017 technology trends are still in the mix and what will dominate in 2018.

There are a number of the guestroom TV viewing options available nowadays, but which are guests most interested in? The answer: All of them.