launches new features for deskless workforce’s new features serve different functions and are tailored to specific departments within the deskless market. Photo credit: ( launches new features for deskless workforce), a mobile employee communication app, launched new features that leverage automation: task manager, data checklist and biometric authentication. The new features are designed to help enterprises with nondesk employees improve and streamline their daily workload.’s new features ensure enterprise-wide compliance, operations and security, as well as provide better insights on workforce management and increase overall productivity.
“Managers and supervisors at deskless companies have found it increasingly difficult to track assigned tasks, deadlines, status updates and follow-ups on a daily basis,” Praveen Kanyadi, co-founder and VP of product, said in a statement. “This leads to work piling up, frequent delays and urgencies not being met, which then results in increased clutter, lower efficiency and mounting business costs, which directly impacts a company’s bottom line.’s new employee efficiency features help resolve these issues to streamline work and make employees more proficient.”
Unlike Slack and Facebook Workplace,’s new features serve different functions and are tailored to specific departments within the deskless market. The task-manager tool is designed to help managers assign targeted team members individually or in a group on particular tasks with the option to set deadlines and priorities, as well as track progress in real time until completion. With the data checklist tool, operational managers can create customized digital checklists for their processes and attach supporting images, spreadsheets or documents to keep the team aligned on roles, assignments and more. has also enabled biometric login by partnering with ThumbSignIn, a FIDO-based omnichannel authentication platform. Nondesk employees can log in across multiple channels like iOS, Android and Web using fingerprint biometrics or face ID on their device. No biometric information is stored or transmitted and users can log in quickly without needing to remember or use passwords.
On the back end, compiles and analyzes various data from users using the mobile platform to provide unique insights and help influence data-driven suggested decisions. Through’s intuitive dashboard, users can view automatic, organized performance reports based on their daily work habits and missed deadlines.