Hotel Communication Network launches webinar series

Through a new three-part webinar series called “Profit at First Touch,” Hotel Communication Network will address technology strategies. Photo credit: Hotel Communication Network

A challenge hindering hotels’ technology strategies is the inability to derive return on investment for technology rollouts. Through a new three-part webinar series called “Profit at First Touch,” Hotel Communication Network will address this topic with hoteliers who are interested in learning how they can create instant profitability through in-room technologies to spark guest engagement and boost satisfaction. 
“The ROI of Guestroom Technology” will be held at 1 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 6. HCN CEO Kevin Bidner will explain how tablet technology is delivering more seamless experiences for guests, increasing overall satisfaction, and unleashing a host of new revenue opportunities that boost the bottom line and keep guests coming back.
“Why In-Room Dining is Essential for Your Guests' Experience” will be held at 1 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 20. During this session, Bidner will discuss how in-room dining can play an important role in improving guests’ experiences. While some travelers demand roomservice as part of their stay experience, PKF Hospitality Research reports that roomservice revenue has dropped 20 percent in recent years, and the downward momentum shows no signs of slowing. Armed with this knowledge, hoteliers have a difficult decision to make—keep roomservice or do away with it altogether. Bidner will reveal a new approach to creating the ultimate in-room dining experience with big ROI for hotels of any size or service level.
“Why Your Hotel Should Offer Content Advertising” will be held at 1 p.m. Eastern on Dec. 4. Participants will learn how tablet computers can support content advertising while driving ROI for hoteliers. This powerful platform, which keeps guests connected to the hotel, city and each other, is enabling properties to market to and service their guests better than before.
“While it’s important that hoteliers meet guests’ rising expectations, technology developers must ensure that the solutions we create deliver consistent returns for owners,” Bidner said in a statement. “Take tablet technology for example. In-room tablets were conceptualized to replace the in-room compendium and eliminate printing costs, but the digital device quickly proved to be a revenue generator propertywide. Via the in-room tablet, hoteliers are presenting custom, relevant information about the hotel, local attractions, hotel outlets, roomservice menus, etc., as often as needed and in real time. The result is a rise in profitability and much happier and more loyal guests.
“We encourage every hotelier who is concerned with ROI from their hotel technology investment to register for this webinar series,” Bidner said. “Among other things, participants will learn how a 400-room hotel implementing HCN’s proven programs and technologies will drive at least $200,000 annually ($40+ per room, per month) to the bottom line.”
To register for the webinar series, click here.