Major brand taps 360-degree mobile video technology

Hilton Barbados Resort (Hilton Barbados Resort)

Opera Mediaworks and Hilton Hotels & Resorts have launched a mobile campaign featuring an interactive 360° video that takes the viewer on a virtual vacation, using Opera's innovative mobile video ad unit designed to create a fully immersive and engaging experience.

The technology, which allows the viewer to fully control the viewpoint simply by tilting or rotating the device, rather than tapping or swiping the screen to explore the environment, has been popular among auto, entertainment and sports verticals, who use it provide viewers a 360° view of an interior of a vehicle, live television show set or basketball court. But for the tourism industry, the applications of the technology stretch much further.

"The theme of the campaign is Our Stage. Your Story. -- and we begin with a short, scripted video ad that sets the tone for the entire experience," said Kyle Zvacek, global account director at OMD, Hilton’s agency. "When the interactive portion begins, set at Hilton Barbados Resort, the voiceover explains that this Hilton hotel is a launchpad for guests to discover new places, experience unique adventures and create their own story. Viewers are then presented with a sequence of 'stages' for that story: the ocean from inside of a sea cave, the expansive beach from a guestroom balcony, thick ferns all around them on a jungle walk — these virtual reality moments are what drive travelers to book their dream vacation, right then and there."

"We are continuously exploring new technologies and platforms to connect with vacation-goers in ways that are relevant to today's evolving guest experience,” said Mary Beth Parks, senior vice president, global brand marketing, Hilton Worldwide.

This is the first time a major brand has launched a 360° video campaign across Opera Mediaworks' entire network of mobile publishers, with the massive scale and targeting parameters that Opera Mediaworks produced, including the use of True Audiences to target leisure travelers for this campaign.