Honeywell adds wireless thermostat

Honeywell is expanding its Inncom e-Series energy-management thermostats to include a battery-powered model for quick and flexible installation. The e7w Wireless EMS Thermostat is equipped with built-in occupancy, temperature and humidity sensors that can help hoteliers save 25 to 40 percent on guestroom heating, ventilation and air conditioning energy usage when part of an Inncom-networked energy-management system.
While a networked EMS can help hoteliers improve their bottom line, the e7w’s advanced EMS offers continuously optimized climate control for guests through passive infrared sensors technology. Together it offers hoteliers a comprehensive, scalable energy-management and hospitality Internet of Things platform.
The e7w has a battery life of two years and is installed easily, providing hoteliers up to $50 in labor cost savings per room by eliminating the need to pull wires. The thermostat’s wireless design also allows it to be placed virtually anywhere in a guestroom, allowing for precise occupancy detection while also creating more opportunities for accessible temperature control, making it ideal for applications such as the Americans with Disabilities Act-designed rooms.
With a user-friendly interactive design and an easy-to-read keypad, the thermostat delivers real-time data when deployed in a networked application for Inncom’s INNcontrol 3 or INNcontrol 5 system. This allows hoteliers to access and track data on room occupancy status, energy usage and equipment alarm reporting as well as integrate to a major property-management system among other systems.
“The robust and versatile e7w wireless thermostat is designed to help hoteliers proactively manage the environments of their guestrooms using rich data to meet energy efficiency goals,” Inncom by Honeywell GM Christian Leclerc said in a statement. “From its optimized in-room climate control to its wireless design that enables easier installation, the e7w will help hoteliers strike a balance between optimal energy savings and the most comfortable in-room experience for guests.”
Featuring on-board wireless ZigBee connectivity, the e7w also provides users with an attractive guest touchpoint for an in-room integrated room automation system, a hospitality IoT platform that supports an extensive range of Inncom and other third-party technologies, including lighting, drapery, amenities and other IoT integrations. The e7w is powered by four AA batteries.