Honeywell joins forces with Marriott Design Lab

Honeywell is collaborating with Marriott International to improve in-room control for guests who stay at Marriott hotels. Honeywell and the Marriott Design Lab will explore opportunities to test and deploy personalized guestroom control offerings building on the Honeywell Inncom product suite to include guestroom automation, energy management and operational efficiency offerings.

“Technology can help create a more intuitive in-room experience for guests. Imagine arriving to your hotel room after a long day of travel and it’s already adjusted to your preferred settings—from temperature, lighting and even the drapes,” Steve Kenny, VP and GM of building management systems, Honeywell Building Technologies, said in a statement. “Together with Marriott, we have an opportunity to create a next generation guest experience that is intuitive, engaging and authentic. We want travelers to feel like they are not just staying somewhere but have a personalized experience.”

Honeywell will work with the Marriott Design Lab to explore how a guest’s interactions with technology can affect mood and energy, anticipate a guest’s desires to offer them a proactive solution and create a guestroom experience that is more accessible and inclusive.

“We’re looking to exceed our guests’ expectations from arrival to checkout. The guestroom experience and comfort play a significant part of that equation,” said Jeff Voris, SVP, global design strategies at Marriott International. “Our work with Honeywell will help us provide guests with more customized control in the guestroom that best suits their needs while providing our operators better insight into system performance metrics.”

The Marriott Design Lab, located at Marriott’s new headquarters in Bethesda, Md., provides a proving ground for technology products and services that can be integrated into daily hotel operations to save energy, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and encourage customer loyalty.